June 28 2009

Amy Purdy

My whole life I have always considered myself a caring person. The decision to become a social worker was an easy one for me. Originally from Long Island, I attended the University of Albany for my undergraduate degree. I later graduated from Adelphi University, where I earned a Masters degree in social work. Throughout my education, I had numerous internships that helped me realize that social work was the right fit for me.
I have been a social worker at St. Vincent’s CF Center in New York City for over 10 years. There are over 170 cystic fibrosis patients where I work full time for the center, allowing me to form many great relationships with me patients – I even know what most of their favorite bubble gum flavors are! I have the opportunity to work with various issues including medical insurance, medication compliance, CF education, transplant issues, and general support.
Having CF definitely complicates a person’s life, and taking a toll on patients in different ways. I try my best to make my patients feel better, whether they are young, old, or family and friends. My job is to educate my patients and their families while trying to alleviate their daily stress.
My favorite holiday is… Easter.
My favorite food is… pickles.
My favorite move is… Hunt for Red October.
My favorite musical artist is… Elton John.
I love to play tennis.
My nickname is Aimes.
My friends and family would describe me as… cheerful.
My sister is my role model.