May 02 2014

Eric Hyman

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

I have been dealing with CF really since birth. I was diagnosed when I was just 1. I grew up in Philly and ended up studying mechanical engineering at Drexel University. I have since packed up and moved to San Francisco, then to San Diego for a complete change in scenery. San Diego offers me the opportunity to go snorkeling, which has become a great passion of mine. Snorkeling is a great method of airway clearance and allows me to thrive in a salty environment, plus I get the chance to see some really great sights beneath the ocean surface. I really hope to get the chance to take this passion to the Great Barrier off the coast of Australia. I would definitely consider that a goal of mine.
Growing up, I did struggle a bit with being totally outward with cystic fibrosis, especially finding the time and effort to fully and effectively complete my daily PT. The vest made things much easier for me just over 10 years ago as it has helped me get through my relatively normal CF treatment routine twice per day, every day. Regular exercise, like snorkeling, swimming, lifting weights and even walking has helped me maintain my health. I do feel stronger and more confident because of my active life. All of this has really helped me continue to work as an engineer, something I am very proud of.

My favorite color is Dark Blue

I love Burmese samosa soup

My favorite holiday has to be my birthday

I love movies, I can’t pick a single one, my favorites include Star Wars, Fight Club and the Matrix

I, myself, am a drummer and was in a relatively successful band years ago in San Francisco, so music has had a large impact on my life. My favorite bands are Radiohead, Tool, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Massive Attack and Pink Floyd