May 02 2014

Gunnar Esiason

“You are never out of the fight”

In terms of my health, I think I had a relatively normal childhood. I was diagnosed with CF when I was 2, but that never really slowed me down. By the time I was seven I was on skates and “playing” youth hockey. It was really more a matter of trying to keep my balance at that point. but I eventually figured it out. I also played little league baseball, soccer, and lacrosse. I was involved in just about everything. It was in high school when I really learned that exercise and staying fit leads to a healthy life. I played varsity football and ice hockey. I was really able to keep my CF under control whenever I was in season; it definitely made life a lot easier.

I graduated from Boston College in May 2013 with a degree in English. I think the experience of college life and lifelong friends are far more valuable than the degree I earned. I taught myself how to live independently and overcome any obstacle thrown my way, including two separate bouts of pneumonia during senior year.

My parents started the Boomer Esiason Foundation when I was two, so I guess you could say I have been living inside the CF world for my entire life. I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of really great people that epitomize the strength human beings possess. On the flip side, though, I have unfortunately seen firsthand what happens when patients lose the desire to stay compliant. I stay true to my treatments and routines because I do not want to end up in that spot.

No matter how tough things may be on any given day, it is the love for lacing up my hockey skates and getting on the ice that gets me through anything. The sport demands such a high level of fitness for it to be fun. I don’t plan on ever giving it up.

My favorite color is Red
I love my mom’s fried chicken and mashed potatoes more than anything
My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July
My favorite movie is Braveheart
My favorite band is Blink-182

CF may be apart of you, but don’t let it define you.