November 21 2014

Jarrod McKee

Hi! My name is Jarrod McKee, and I am a CF Dad to my one-year-old son Carson. My first child was born symptomless and was not a carrier of the CF gene – so Carson’s diagnosis came as a complete surprise to my wife and me.

Our first month with Carson was so tough. We had no idea what to expect – and the experience was completely different than with our first child. We decided to be as proactive as possible by raising money for the cause and by enrolling Carson in observation trials.

The McKee family has very structured days. We wake up early for treatments before the babysitter arrives, and when Carson is sick, we completely rearrange our work schedules to be with him. My wife and I make sure that we, as a family, are compliant with treatments and nutrition as well as our own exercise so we can set a good example.

The best thing about Carson is that he has a big personality – always happy, laughing, and smiling. We know that he has a great life ahead of him, and we are going to do everything in our power to make it possible.